Transportation Information

Go to School Finder to see which schools serve your Area. Please note that community schools, regional magnet schools and district magnet schools have different transportation Areas.


Transportation Guidelines

Transportation may be available for students who live in the City of Saint Paul. Eligible students are assigned to a bus stop based on their home or daycare address.


Pre-K: School bus transportation is available for students who live more than one-half mile from the school. 


1-5: School bus transportation is available for students who live more than one-half mile from the school. This guideline includes K-5 students who attend K-8 schools.


6-12: School bus transportation is available for students who live more than one mile from the school at identified sites. This guideline includes 6-8 students who attend 6-12 and K-8 schools.


Special Education: An Individualized Education Program (IEP) must identify each student’s transportation needs. Parents can talk with their child’s IEP team for additional information about transportation. The student’s IEP team will determine the student’s individualized need for special education transportation for the provision of FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education). Specialized transportation will be decided on a case-by- case basis and the District will provide out-of-area transportation to a student receiving special education services when it is necessary for that student to receive a FAPE. If a student’s IEP team determines transportation outside of the assigned area is not necessary for the student to receive a FAPE, and a FAPE is available to the student within their assigned area, the District will apply its general transportation guidelines and provide transportation only to schools within the student’s assigned area. If a parent chooses to enroll their student in a school outside the student’s assigned area, despite the availability of FAPE in the student’s assigned area, the District will not provide transportation to that school, unless the IEP team determines that out-of-area transportation is necessary for FAPE.


If the student’s IEP team determines transportation is necessary for the student to receive a FAPE, the District must provide the specialized transportation as a related service at no cost to the student or the student’s parents. If there is a disagreement amongst members of the student’s IEP team, including the parent, regarding what is necessary for a FAPE, specifically how specialized transportation will be provided and to what appropriate program, then the District will continue to provide transportation as stated in the student’s IEP until such time as the District and parent can engage in dispute resolution options (IEP teams, ADR processes) to reach agreement.


Please note: If you apply to a school outside your Area, Community School Zone or designated magnet Area, you will need to sign a transportation waiver acknowledging that bus transportation is not available and that you will transport your child to and from school. Call the Student Placement Center at 651-632-3760 for more information.


Metro Transit

Students in grades 9-12 at Creative Arts Secondary, Gordon Parks High School, Johnson Senior, and Como Park Senior High use Metro Transit instead of school buses to get students to and from school. Contact the listed schools for more information.