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Riding a school bus is the easiest way to get to school.  Families will receive bus stop information in late August right before school starts.


Transportation may be available if:


  • Your home or daycare address is within a school’s designated Area (A-F1/ F2). Go to School Finder to see which schools serve your Area.
  • Your student is in grades Pre-K through 5 and lives more than one-half mile from the school. This includes K-5 students who attend K-8 schools.
  • Your student is in grades 6-12 and lives more than one mile from school.
  • Your student is in a Pre-Kindergarten program. For the morning Pre-K program, students are picked up at group bus stops; drop-offs are at or near the student’s home. For the afternoon Pre-K program, students are picked up at or near the student’s home; drop-offs are at group bus stops.

NOTE: Families will need to transport their children to schools if they are not eligible for transportation based on these guidelines. A Transportation Waiver must be filled out and returned to the Student Placement Center if you wish to provide your own transportation.  Call the Student Placement Center at 651-632-3760 if you are unsure about your child's eligibility for bus transportation to the school of your choice.