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Special Education Programs/Schools

Students are referred to these programs based on needs that may not be met in traditional high school settings. Please contact the Student Placement Center (651-632-3760) for more information on enrolling in these schools.


Journeys Secondary

At Journeys, we don’t let labels define us. Our school gives students with emotional or behavioral disabilities a structured place to learn skills and gain confidence. Students concentrate on academics in the morning and participate in career and job related activities in the afternoon, preparing them for life after high school. Our small school allows students to focus on what matters for their future. As they move through our program they may discover a hidden talent or a new interest that will take them through adulthood.


90 Western Avenue S. 55102

Office: 651-744-1900

Fax: 651-744-1901


RiverEast Elementary and Secondary

With a mental health focus, our program provides therapeutic services to students in grades K-8. Small class sizes – no more than eight students per teacher – mean lots of individual attention. Each classroom is assigned a special education teacher, a paraprofessional and a mental health practitioner. Our dedicated staff works closely with caregivers, doctors and case managers to ensure a program that meets each student’s needs. Through our motivational behavior program, students work in a token economy by earning points for demonstrating skills and participating in therapy.


1845 Sheridan Avenue 55117

Office: 651-744-2567

Fax: 651-312-9040


Bridge View School

At Bridge View, our students don’t face barriers, just challenges that can be overcome. We serve students with severe developmental disabilities from early childhood to high school. Our staff believe that each child can achieve great regardless of disability, and we strive to help them build skills for independence. Our school offers a therapeutic pool, gymnasium and brand new playground. We believe that outdoor play is an important part of school for our students. That’s why we continue to add on to our accessible playground. Dedicated staff work closely with parents to set achievable goals for each child. Students learn to communicate, make choices, understand the world they feel, see, and discover their potential.


350 Colborne Street 55102

Office: 651-293-8640


Focus Beyond

Our program works with young adults ages 18-21 who have unmet special education needs. Teachers, specialists and community partners work closely with students to help them learn skills they need for employment, post-secondary opportunities and independent living. Our program offers vocational training labs, community-based settings, and on-site seminars in employment, independent living, communication safety, self-advocacy and career planning. Focus Beyond gives students the skills and resources they need for successful transition from school to community.


340 Colborne Street 55102

Office: 651-293-5997