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The Minnesota Department of Health provides helpful information regarding School Immunization Laws in Minnesota.

Q: What types of schools or school-based programs are covered by the School Immunization Law?

A: The law includes all public and non-public elementary and secondary schools, as well as childcare facilities. Definitions for terms used in the law, such as elementary or secondary schools, are defined in Minn. Stat. §121A.15, subd. 9. Included in this definition are the following programs:



  • Students enrolled in alternative learning centers or alternative schools.
  • Students enrolled in outreach treatment centers.
  • Student receiving instruction in a home-school.
  • Students enrolled in charter schools.
  • Children enrolled in a Montessori School. (The immunization status of children enrolled in grades K through 3 is reported to the Department of Education; the status of those who are younger is reported to the Department of Human Services.)
  • Children who are receiving instruction and services through the Early Childhood Special Education program, except for those who are being served in their home or out of state.