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Non-Traditional High Schools

Non-traditional high schools are available for students who need or desire a learning environment that is different from traditional high schools. Flexible hours and alternative teaching methods help students make extra progress toward graduation. Students may enroll as full-time students and earn a diploma, or they can take after-hours and evening courses to earn additional credits needed to graduate at their current high school.

Please call the Student Placement Center at 651-632-3760 for more information to determine if a non-traditional high school is the right choice for your child.

AGAPE - Adolescent Girls and Parenting Education

AGAPE High School provides pregnant and/or parenting teen mothers an environment in which they can complete their high school education, with an emphasis on college and career readiness. AGAPE has a partnership with the University of Minnesota and Saint Paul College to offer college-level classes at our site for college and high school credit. To help remove barriers that may affect a student’s educational success, we provide additional services such as a full-time social worker and school nurse, on-site child care and a health clinic. AGAPE partners with multiple community agencies to assist students in need.

1037 University Ave W. St. Paul MN, 55104
651-293-5360 fax

Evening High School

Evening High School is an alternative educational program that provides students with meaningful learning opportunities to complete course work and recover credits required for high school graduation. Online and traditional classes are offered at two sites: Gordon Parks High School, 1212 University Ave. W., and Eastside Learning Hub @ Harding, 1526 Sixth St. E. Age requirements, criteria for eligibility and specific services vary. Guidance counselors refer students (16 years old and older) to courses necessary for graduation. Students who are not attending a regular high school may stop in to register as an Evening High School student during the registration dates and times.

1212 University Ave. - 55104
651-744-1208 fax

Gordon Parks High School

Our school’s mission is to create college-bound and career-ready students skilled in media arts and experienced in work-based learning. Named for the legendary African American civil rights activist, filmmaker, photographer and writer, Gordon Parks is a school where effort makes the difference. Students have flexible schedules, the ability to receive credits toward graduation while also gaining work experience, and access to unlimited Metro Transit bus cards to travel to and from school. You’ll even see some of our students participating in community-based activism, art, social and environmental studies. Through collaboration among staff, students and families we provide support and opportunities for all to be successful. For example, each student will leave Gordon Parks with a college and career plan to navigate life after high school.

1212 University Ave. W - 55104
651-744-1208 fax
651-744-1244 counselor's fax

LEAP High School

Our school is dedicated to serving students ages 14 to 20 who are new to the United States and who are learning English while earning a high school diploma. Students receive instruction closely matched to their level of English ability in classes that address reading, writing, and speaking English. Bilingual staff members work in small groups that allow students to receive individualized attention in an atmosphere that respects and supports their native cultures. LEAP also offers after-school classes. Through partnerships with local organizations, students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and participate in community service projects. We help the newest members of our community succeed now and into the future.

631 Albert Street N. - 55104
651-228-7711 fax