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Priorities for Acceptance into a School

What are priorities? Priorities define different levels of eligibility for acceptance to a school. Please refer to the School Placement Criteria.


What does "sibling priority" mean in relation to the application process? Sibling priority allows families a greater opportunity for their children to attend school together. To receive sibling priority, a family must have had a child enrolled in the requested school during the 2022-23 school year who will continue to be at that school in 2023-24.


    Please note:

  • Sibling priority does not guarantee acceptance into a school.
  • Siblings are defined as children who have the same parent or guardian and are living together at the same address.
  • Enrollment priorities and school capacity are taken into consideration before sibling priority.


If one of my students is in the school's highest grade this year, is my younger child guaranteed a spot at the school next year? No. The older student who is currently enrolled in the school must be attending that school next year in order for sibling priority to apply to the younger student.