L'Etoile du Nord French Immersion School

1760 Ames Place
Saint Paul, 55106
Address: 1760 Ames Place
Saint Paul, 55106
Grades: PreK-5
Principal: Sofia Bossard
Enrollment: 280
Hours: 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Phone: (651) 221-1480
Fax: (651) 744-6971
Email: sofia.bossard@spps.org
Website: spps.org/frenchimmersion
School Tour Video
  • Bonjour! L'Etolie du Nord French Immersion i sa public, tuition-free, district magnet school serving students through the St. Paul area. Free busing is available to all students living in St. Paul. Those outside the city limits are also welcome to attend L'Etoile tuition-free, through the open enrollment process, but must provide their own transportation.
  • In L'Etoile's one-way immersion program, students receive instruction primarily in French (including specialist classes such as art, physical education, science and technology) with the goal of becoming fluent in French. Families do not need to speak French at home for students to succeed at L'Etoile.
  • L'Etoile students have shown high standardized test scores, exceeding both district and state averages. Research shows that learning multiple languages provides significant academic, cognitive, and social benefits to children.
  • For more than 25 years, our exceptional, dedicated staff have prepared students to be life-long learners that succeed in a multilingual, global community. Teachers are native or fluent French speakers from around the globe, and many have studied or lived abroad for extended periods of time.
  • Our intern program enriches in-school learning. Students from French-speaking countries travel to St. Paul and spend an academic year working alongside teachers to support students in the classroom.
  • We welcome students from all backgrounds. The diverse experiences of families enhance our school community and teach students to have a broader, global perspective.
  • Our active Parent/Teacher Organization engages all parents and guardians, organizing events, activities, and fundraisers to further enrich students' learning.

We offer:

  • PreK (full day)
  • Discovery Club (fee-based, off-site)
  • Community Education after-school programs (fee-based)
District Magnet School for Areas A, B, C, D, E, F

Quick Facts

Students who identify themselves as:
  African American
21 %
  American Indian
1 %
4 %
50 %
15 %
  Pacific Islander
0 %
  Two or more
10 %
Students in English Language Learning
14 %
Students in Special Education
4 %
Students eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch
33 %
Open House(s)

Thursday, February 3   4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Please cc lourdes.flores-hanson@spps.org and jude.vales@spps.org with information regarding Open House.