Four Seasons A+ Elementary School

318 Moore St.
Saint Paul, 55104
Address: 318 Moore St.
Saint Paul, 55104
Grades: PreK-5
Principal: Ryan Fell
Enrollment: 443
Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Phone: (651) 290-7595
Fax: (651) 293-6575
School Tour Video
  • Our students experience learning through the arts daily as they attend classs in visual and performing arts.
  • The arts are integrated into our lessons with our art specialists and classroom teachers working together (co-teaching) to provide a complete learning experience.
  • Unique features include a classroom kiln for clay pottery and a full dance studio.
  • Frequent formal and informal performances and visual art displays help students develop strong communication skills, creativity and self-confidence.
  • We have strong community partnerships with Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities and the Bonner Community Scholars Program at Macalester College.
  • Four Seasons is the District's elementary Deaf and Hard of Hearing hub. All students experience American Sign Language (ASL) throughout their school day.

We offer:

  • PreK (full day)
  • Discovery Club (fee-based, off-site)
  • Language Academy
District Magnet School for Areas A, B, C, D, E, F

Quick Facts

Students who identify themselves as:
  African American
41 %
  American Indian
0 %
18 %
11 %
21 %
  Pacific Islander
0 %
  Two or more
9 %
Students in English Language Learning
36 %
Students in Special Education
18 %
Students eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch
79 %