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SPPS is strengthening the important transition from elementary to secondary school. Here are some middle school highlights that families and students can look forward to:

Individual Student Needs Better Understood
  • Our new three-year middle school program promotes longer-term student/teacher relationships, and a team-teaching approach will allow teachers to share information as students move from class to class and grade to grade.
  • Advisories/homerooms allow students to connect during the entire school year with a small group of students and one teacher.
Stronger Focus on Student Achievement
  • Realigned middle school curriculum ensures the same strong class offerings in every middle school across the district.
  • AVID prepares students for college eligibility and success; with learning supports, AVID places students who are struggling academically in advanced classes.

Student Support Activities Ensure Smooth Transitions


  • Life Skills Education Curriculum provides students with a chance to talk about the changes occurring in their lives around issues such as relationships, bullying, harassment, on-line safety, and financial, college and career exploration.
  • Transition activities between grades will offer students opportunities to learn about changes they can expect and identify services for students who need additional help.
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