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SPPS offers nine high schools with a variety of focus areas, programs and activities, all designed to prepare students for graduation and beyond.  As you choose a high school, please be aware of their designations as either a Community School, Regional Magnet or District Magnet. 

Creative Arts, Humboldt Secondary, Open World Learning Community and Washington Technology Magnet Schools
Students from across the district who enroll in these schools will receive bus transportation.
Central, Como, Johnson, Highland Park and Harding High Schools
Busing is available to students: 1) for whom these schools are their Community Schools; and 2) to students enrolled in one of these schools’ Regional or District magnet programs.
  • If a student articulates (transitions) to a high school from the middle school that offers the chosen program (for example, Farnsworth to Johnson for aerospace engineering; American Indian Magnet to Harding for American Indian Language and Culture), the student receives transportation from anywhere in the district.
  • If a student signs up for classes in the magnet program and signs an agreement of participation, but has NOT participated in the program previously, the student is eligible for entry and busing only if the program serves their region AND there are still seats available in the program. If no seats are available, entry into the program is not available.


Community Schools offer a comprehensive academic program based on the district’s standard curriculum. They may also offer additional academic opportunities such as enrichment programs or content specialists. Offerings vary by school.
Regional/District Magnet schools offer students instruction in the district’s core curriculum, but around a specialized learning program or course of study that appeals to the varied interests of our students. In general, students “articulate” (transition) from kindergarten all the way through grade 12. Offerings vary by school.


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