Student Placement Center
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:8am - 4:30pm
Wednesdays 12:00pm - 4:30pm

Bruce Vento Elementary School

Address: 409 Case Ave. E.
Saint Paul, 55101
Grades: PreK-5
Principal: Scott Masini
Enrollment: 461
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Phone: (651) 293-8685
Fax: (651) 293-8688

At the center of the East Side of St. Paul is a school where students begin preparing for college on day one. With colorful
college flags and staff members proudly proclaiming where they attended college, Bruce F. Vento Elementary makes a strong
statement that college is our goal for every student. Each class “adopts” a college or university and learns about its campus.
In return, colleges and universities provide campus tours or partner with students on extraordinary projects, such as creating
toys of the future through 3D computer-aided design. In our Family Resource Center, we partner with Eastside Family Center
and Cultural Wellness Center to support families outside of school. In addition to core classes, our students are inspired
through science lab, engineering, social science, visual arts and physical education. Students use technology as a tool for
learning, processing information and presenting what they’ve learned in a variety of subject areas. Our mission is to provide
every student with a strong foundation in reading, writing, math and science in preparation for college.

Community School for  Area C

Quick Facts

Students who identify themselves as:
  American Indian
  Asian American
  African American
  Hispanic American
  Caucasian American
Students in English Language Learning
Students in Special Education
Students eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch
409 Case Ave. E.
Saint Paul, 55101