Tools for Your School Selection Process

1. READ the School Selection Guide thoroughly.  A printable PDF copy is available in English, Hmong, SpanishSomali and Karen. In addition, printed copies are available at the Student Placement Center, all SPPS school buildings and several community locations including public libraries.  If your child is not currently enrolled in Saint Paul Public Schools, you must submit an application. 

2. GO TO APPLY.SPPS.ORG if you prefer online information. Put your home address into School Finder to confirm your Area and Community School Zone and to and your school choice options for Elementary, Middle School or High School.
3. VISIT THE SCHOOLS that interest you. Talk to the teachers. Talk to other school parents and students.
4. CALL THE STUDENT PLACEMENT CENTER for more answers and the latest information at 651-632-3760.
5. APPLY BY FEBRUARY 15, 2013, to two schools – a first and second choice – by using the application form for Elementary or Secondary or by submitting an online application.
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