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Saint Paul Public Schools provides middle school students with challenging academics and strong support programs to ease the transition from childhood to young adulthood.  Whether you choose a Community School near your home or enroll in a Regional or District Magnet school, there is a middle school in Saint Paul Public Schools that is just right for your child.  We encourage you to consider several schools, then visit each for a personal experience. For bus transportation, choose a school or magnet program that serves the Area in which you live.

If you have specific questions, contact the Student Placement Center 651-632-3760

Community Schools offer students a great education at a school close to home with a comprehensive academic program based on the district's standard curriculum. They may also offer additional academic opportunities and learning programs. Offerings vary by school.
Regional/District Magnet Schools offer students instruction in the district's core curriculum, but around a specialized learning program or course of study that appeals to the varied interests of our students.  In general, students "articulate" (transition) from kindergarten through grade 12. Offerings vary by school.


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